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About 123Optic

123Optic.com is the webshop where you can buy contact lenses and lens solution for a much lower price (up to 70% cheaper) than with traditional opticians and other providers. You will find exactly the same products and brands with us as at your optical store, because we only sell lenses from internationally recognized producers. By purchasing smartly and saving on expensive shop premises, you can easily order your favorite lenses at a much cheaper price with us.

The company 123Optic.com

123Optic.com has the philosophy that we want to make contact lenses affordable for everyone. However, this does not mean that we believe that we can compromise on service. We listen carefully to the customer and due to the many automated processes the chance of errors is minimal and the costs are very low.

The 4 promises of 123Optic

1. Original brands

Fortunately, saving on your lenses and lens fluid does not mean that you have to compromise on quality. 123Optic.com sells 100% original brands and products. The lenses that you buy at your optician come from the same manufacturer. That is why we can guarantee that our contact lenses are of the highest quality. As with other medical products, our contact lenses are marked with unique product codes to prove that they are original brands. 123Optic.com works closely with internationally recognized suppliers, including: Johnson & Johnson, Alcon and Coopervision.

2. Low priced

Our lenses and lens solutions are so cheap, because we can keep costs down. For example, we do not have physically expensive stores, we can purchase smartly with a lot of volume benefits and the costs for stock are a lot lower. We calculate this in the final price, so you can buy your lenses up to 70% cheaper on 123Optic.com!

3. Fast, reliable and free delivery from € 99

123Optic.com delivers your contact lenses by letterbox post so that all orders can be delivered as quickly as possible. Depending on how you paid, the lenses can be delivered within 24 hours! Shipping costs depend on the country where you want the items to be shipped to.


4. The most suitable lenses for your eyes

By ordering your lenses online and going to an eye specialist who does a check and measurement of the eyes, but not buying your lenses at this eyecare professional, you will no longer be prescribed the lenses which are the most profitable for the optician, but which are best for your eyes to fit.
In other countries, the so-called general practitioner model has been used for some time. Just like with a doctor, you visit an optician, optometrist or eye doctor. This will thoroughly check your eyes and give you a prescription (proof of eye check). With this recipe you order online easily and a lot cheaper contact lenses.
The GP model works very well in many countries. It leads to higher quality during inspections and better advice and when you subsequently order your contact lenses online to a great extent for the customer! This model has been available in the Netherlands since 1995, because opticians and other eye specialists are obliged to give you the prescription after the eye check. Often the eye check is for a small fee, around € 25.
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