Lens Solution

You need lens fluid for cleaning, storing and using contact lenses. In this way you keep your lenses clean, so you will enjoy fresh lenses and extremely sharp vision every day. There are lens solutions for hard and / or soft lenses.

About Lens solution

It is important to clean weekly and monthly lenses daily with a good lens solution. This way you can continue wearing your contact lenses in a healthy and comfortable way. A good lens solution does not only clean the lenses, but also disinfects and maintains them. You can easily remove built-up proteins and dirt deposits with the right lens solution, guaranteeing you sharp vision every day.

Weekly and monthly lenses should be removed at the end of the day, cleaned and finally stored in a lens box with lens solution.

It is important that the lens solution is suitable for the contact lenses that you wear. Always check this in advance and make sure that you are not allergic to any of the constituents of the fluid.

Advantages of lens solution

Types of Lens liquids

There are different types of lens solutions available. Depending on your own preferences and the type of contact lenses you wear, you determine which lens cleaner suits you best. Lens solutions are available in many variants. For example, there are lens fluids for soft lenses and hard lenses and with or without a preservative. In addition to all-in-one liquids, peroxide liquids, protein tablets, eye drops and saline solutions are available.

The most commonly used lens fluid is the multi-purpose fluid. Multi-purpose liquids are all-in-one liquids that you can use for cleaning, disinfecting and storing contact lenses. So you only have to purchase one product.

Hard contact lenses (also called form-stable lenses) are different from soft contact lenses and that’s why they need a different lens fluid. All-in-one liquids are also available for cleaning, disinfecting and storing hard lenses.

Peroxide liquids disinfect contact lenses after wearing. A peroxide lens solution is better suited for sensitive eyes because it contains no preservatives. Using this liquid requires one or two more steps than when using an all-in-one liquid. After cleaning, the hydrogen peroxide must be neutralized before it can be put in. The contact lenses must therefore be neutralized for a certain period before you can use them again!

If you quickly get dry eyes while wearing lenses, eye drops are recommended. Eye drops provide extra comfort when your eyes feel dry or tired.

A normal bottle of lens solution may not be carried in hand luggage, because liquids with more than 100 ml are not permitted. This is not very useful when you travel. But you still need lens fluid with you on the plane. In that case you can take a travel package with you. This special flight pack is permitted in your hand luggage.

Buy cheap Lens solution

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  • Lenssolution is indispensable if you wear weekly or monthly lenses. By using lens fluid, contact lenses remain hygienic and comfortable, making your eyes feel healthy.
  • While wearing lenses, protein and dirt deposits attach to the lens. This can cause irritation. Cleaning lenses ensures that you have comfortable and sharp vision every day.
  • Lens solution has been specially developed for cleaning, maintaining and storing lenses. This makes contact lenses last longer and you prevent eye infections. It is not recommended to use water because of the bacteria.
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