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TotalCare Solution

TotalCare Solution 120ml

Store, clean and disinfect your lenses with the TotalCare All-in-One Solution from AMO (120ml). The solution is sufficient for all hard contact lenses. Your lenses will be deep cleansed, so you can enjoy your day with a good sight. 
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Totalcare Solution 120 ml

The lens solution TotalCare is developed for the form-stable, oxygen-permeable contact lenses. The liquids makees sure that your hard lenses and deeply cleansed and remain soft your eyes. The contactlenses are hygienically cleaned and provided with a protective layer, which makes your lenses comfortable for your eyes throughout the day. 

Consult a contact lens specialist

The lens solution should be sufficient for your eyes. The ideal liquid is different per person and this could be because of your personal preference, allergies or the lenses your wear. always consult a opticien before your switch from lens solution, contact lenses or eyedrops. Always read the leaflet which is provided in the packaging. 

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Producer :AMO
Type of solution :Multi-Purpose Solution
Solution for :Hard lenses
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