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Daily lenses

Daily lenses are very popular contact lenses because they have many benefits. They are experienced as very comfortable and they offer the ultimate wearing comfort. A day lens is particularly suitable for those who attach great importance to hygiene. You will start every day with a new sterile lens and at the end of the day you throw the lenses away. So you won’t need lens fluid or cleaning fluid. This makes it the healthiest and safest way to wear lenses.

About daily disposables

Daily lenses work a little differently than other contact lenses such as weekly lenses, monthly lenses and hard lenses. You start every day with a pair of clean and sterile lenses. How long you can wear them differs per brand, but this is up to 16 hours per day for some lenses.

Advantages of daily lenses

  • Many people choose daily disposable lenses because they are hygienic. Although weekly and monthly lenses are also hygienic, they cannot be compared with the quality of daily lenses.
  • Daily disposable lenses are easy to handle. You don't have to clean them every night. You can just take them off and throw them away. Hassle with lens fluid is not necessary anymore. The next morning you just have to put in new fresh lenses. In this way you are assured of a clear and sharp vision every day.
  • Daily disposable lenses are ideal for people who occasionally wear glasses. The lenses are very useful for sports, vacation or going out.
  • With daily lenses you have the least chance of complications. The chance of protein deposits and dirt accumulation will be bigger if you wear contact lenses for a longer period. The difference in freshness between daily and monthly lenses can be felt easily.

Types of daily lenses

There is a suitable daily lens for almost everyone. There are various multifocal daily disposables, toric daily disposables and spherical daily disposables in different water percentages and oxygen permeability. Daily lenses come in all kinds of lens materials such as hydrogel, hypergel and silicone hydrogel material and in + strengths and - strengths.


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