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The daily lenses from Dailies offer the best view and extreme comfort for your eyes. It is currently the most popular contact lens brand in Europe. Dailies contact lenses are of the best quality and are made with the highest quality standards. The daily lenses ensure perfect vision every day in combination with optimal wearing comfort. All lenses of Dailies are provided with a blink-moisture technology, which makes your eyes feel fresh and moisturised. This gives you all day long moist eyes.

Best choice for your eyes

According to the Dutch Ophthalmic Society daily lens are the best choice for your eyes. By changing your lenses every day, dirt has no chance of attaching itself to your eyes. You start every day with a brand new pair.

Some benefits of the Dailies contact lenses:

  • Start each day with clean lenses
  • Cleaning is not necessary and you do not have to buy lens solution
  • The prices of daily lenses areaffordableand are therefore easily and cheaply available
  • Small chance of eye irritations
  • Thanks to the blink-moisture technology you have fresh and hydrated eyes every day
  • You can easily alternate Dailies daily lenses with glasses

Dailies daily lenses

The Dailies daily lenses from Alcon offer an affordable and especially comfortabele way of wearing lenses. The lenses are available in many strengths. In addition to toric daily lenses, Dailies also has multifocal lenses. It is possible to correct your presbyopia with multifocal lenses. It is an easy and comfortable way of wearing lenses where you correct your eyes.

Order Dailies contact lenses

Experience the convenience of Dailies daily lenses. Not only are they comfortable and easy to apply, it is also the most hygienic way of wearing lenses.

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