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About 123Optic

The best deal for you!

We focus on bringing the best deal to you. At 123Optic we are on a mission to give you the highest quality contacts without the hassle or the price tag. By selling directly to you online, you're able to clearly see the savings while still feeling the quality.
About us

123Optic is since 2007 the webshop for ordering contact lenses, liquids, and eye care products online. Since the beginning, we have been active in the Netherlands and Belgium, in France, Germany, Austria, Greece, Switzerland, Denmark, and Spain. Our mission is to make contact lenses and lens solutions affordable and accessible to everyone.

We help you find the best lenses for your eyes at the best price. However, this does not mean that we have to slack on service. We give you the best advice with knowledge and at the same time, we offer your favorite lenses very cheaply.

The 4 benefits of 123Optic

1. Original brands

That you save a lot on lenses and lens fluid does not mean that you have to compromise on quality. We always sell 100% original brands. The lenses that you buy at the optician come from the same manufacturer. This way we can guarantee that our contact lenses are one of the highest quality.

Our contact lenses are marked with unique product codes to prove that these are original brands. 123Optic works closely with internationally recognized suppliers including Alcon, CooperVision, Bausch + Lomb, and Johnson & Johnson.

Wide Range

2. Wide range

123Optic offers a wide range of original brands of contact lenses, lens solutions, and eye care products. In addition, we offer daily lenses, weekly lenses, monthly lenses, spherical lenses, toric lenses, multifocal lenses, color lenses, lens solutions, and eye drops.

3. Best prices

By saving costs on physical stores and smart purchasing, we can keep our costs low. We calculate this in the final price, that is why you can buy your lenses up to 70% cheaper at 123Optic. We strive to offer 100% original products for the best possible price.


4. Best advice

Few lens wearers know the differences between the types of lenses. What the perfect pair of lenses is for one person can be a mismatch for another. For example, it makes a difference whether you spend a lot of time at the computer or spend very long days outside. Whatever your lifestyle is: there is always a pair of lenses that fits you perfectly! We aim to find the best lenses for the best price for all our customers. We do this by taking your personal preferences and situation into account. Our customer service is therefore ready to answer all your questions.

ClearVision available exclusively at 123Optic

Do you dream about a comfortable view and the best price for lenses? Then you have to try our Clearvision contact lenses. Clearvision is the private label of 123Optic and can be purchased exclusively from us. The lenses offer a good alternative to other brands such as Biomedics, Dailies, and Purevision.

The lenses from ClearVision go perfectly with the high quality lens solution from ClearVision. These solution doesn't only cleans your lenses thoroughly, but also provides and maintains the lenses. So you will enjoy the clean and super comfortable lenses!

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