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Total 30 for Astigmatism3 lenses

Do you want to experience unmatched comfort throughout the entire month with a convenient 3-pack? Discover TOTAL30™ for Astigmatism, the only toric monthly lenses with a water gradient in a 3-pack, specifically designed to correct astigmatism and offering you almost 100% water on the surface. Feel fresh and comfortable every day, as if you were wearing nothing at all!
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Experience the freedom and comfort of wearing nothing with the TOTAL30™ for Astigmatism monthly lenses, now available in a 3-pack. Why you'll love TOTAL30™ for Astigmatism:
  • Ultimate Wearing Comfort: Each toric lens from the 3-pack boasts a soft hydrating layer that minimally interacts with your sensitive eye tissue, ensuring a month of sensational comfort.
  • Innovative Water Gradient Technology: Step into the future of lens technology with these groundbreaking monthly lenses for astigmatism correction.
  • Durable & Hygienic: Even on day 30, each lens from the 3-pack remains as pristine and durable as on day 1, despite a month of wearing and care.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to put on and take off contact lenses?

Begin by washing and drying your hands meticulously, then follow the straightforward steps provided.

How often should you have your eyes checked?

We recommend regular eye exams.

How long can you wear monthly lenses?

With TOTAL30™ for Astigmatism in the 3-pack, enjoy consistent comfort every single day for an entire month.

How to care for monthly lenses?

Maintenance of the TOTAL30™ for Astigmatism lenses is both effortless and sanitary.

Indulge in the sensation of wearing nothing with TOTAL30™ for Astigmatism!

Don't delay in embracing a realm of supreme comfort and cutting-edge technology. Illuminate your vision with TOTAL30™ for Astigmatism. Purchase now for a transformative contact lens journey!

More Information

More Information
Package Quantity:3 Lenses
UV Protection:Yes
Water Content:55%
Oxygen Permeability:123
Wearing Time:Monthly Lenses
Silicon Hydrogel?:Silicone Hydrogel


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