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Biofinity Toric6 lenses

93% of 100
Biofinity Toric (6 lenses) are toric monthly lenses from CooperVision. The silicone hydrogel contact lenses provide superior vision and a more comfortable lens-wearing experience. The lenses are designed for stability, clarity and comfort and work in harmony with your eyes.
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6 lenses
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Biofinity Toric (6 lenses)

Biofinity Toric silicone hydrogel lenses provide excellent comfort, breathability and visual performance for people with astigmatism. The Aquaform Technology allows the lenses to retain water molecules and creates breathability to keep your eyes white, hydrated and healthier.

Optimized Toric Lens Geometry

The exclusive toric lens design, Optimized Toric Lens Geometry, ensures stability, clarity and comfort. It provides clear and sharp vision by reducing lens movement when you blink. The smooth lens surface minimizes any feeling of the lens edge when you blink.

Benefits of Biofinity Toric

  • Aquaform Technology for hydrated eyes
  • Exclusive toric lens design for stability and clarity
  • Silicone hydrogel material for healthier eyes
  • Monthly replacement

Order Biofinity Toric (6 lenses) online

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More Information

More Information
Package Quantity:6 Lenses
UV Protection:No
Water Content:48%
Oxygen Permeability:128
Material:Comfilcon A
Wearing Time:Monthly Lenses
Silicon Hydrogel?:Silicone Hydrogel

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93% of 100
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Got a question about this product?
  • Can you sleep in Biofinity Toric contacts?
    • Answer
      Biofinity Toric are monthly lenses that you can wear continuously for 7 days. The hydrophilic lens allows a lot of oxygen to reach the eyes and retain moisture. This makes them comfortable for a long time. Before wearing the contact lenses at night, discuss the possibility with your optician or eye specialist. It might not be a suitable option for everyone.
  • What is the difference between Biofinity and Biofinity Toric?
    • Answer
      The Biofinity contact lenses are created to correct near or far sightedness. The Biofinity Toric contact lenses are created to also correct astigmatism.
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