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Biomedics contact lenses are produced by CooperVision. Biomedics lenses are known as reliable contact lenses and belong to the best sellers. You wear the lenses of Biomedics without problems for a whole day. Biomedics contact lenses are available in daily lenses and monthly lenses.

Biomedics as a natural tool

The Biomedics contact lenses are made from the material phosphorslcholine. This material is absorbed by the body as a body's own substance. The eyes will experience the lenses as a natural aid and will not cause irritation. Therefore, the eyes remain hydrated and healthy. With Biomedics lenses you hardly notice that you wear them.

Daily lenses and monthly lenses

The Biomedics range of products consists of daily and monthly lenses and are certainly suitable for people suffering from astigmatism. Daily lenses are considered by many the healthiest way of using contact lenses. Maintenance is not necessary with daily lenses, because you start each day with a fresh new pair. The Biomedics monthly lenses are also very popular. The monthly lenses are available in toric and aspherical lenses. Monthly lenses should be cleaned every evening.

Biomedics lens solution

You should use the Biomedics lens solution with the soft monthly lenses of Biomedics. The liquid is a sterile solution and cleans, disinfects, stores and moisturises your monthly lenses every night. So every morning you have a clean lens and the best view.

Biomedics 55 evolution

Another variant of contact lenses is the Biomedics 55 evolution. These are high quality soft monthly lenses, with an extra smooth surface. This reduces the chance of protein deposition. The ultra thin and smooth lens ensures that you hardly notice that you are wearing lenses. In addition, this special Biomedics lens has a built in UV protection.

Order Biomedics contact lenses

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