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Alcon is a world leader in eye care and one of the biggest manufacturers of contact lenses and lens solutions. They offer you Dailies, AirOptix, Fresh Look and Optifree products. Alcon's mission is to provide people with healthy eyes with a clear vision.They provide you of this perfect eyecare, by continually developing the lenses.

The best eye care

Whether you want monthly lenses or daily lenses. With the contact lenses of Alcon you can be assured that you get the best eye care you deserve, The experience with contact lenses and lens solutions from Alcon are often very positive.. The lenses adapt quickly and are made of a high quality material. Dailies and other contact lenses of Alcon are therefore ofte prescribed by an optician as the first lenses for those who have not previously worn contact lenses

Dailies lenses from Alcon

Dailies are daily contactlenses from Alcon that are known to be very comfortable. These lenses are the Europe's number 1 lenses. With the daily lenses you do not need a lens solution or other cleaner. When you choose to order the Dailies at 123Optic.com, you are assured of a fast and reliable service and also a very nice price!

Multifocal lenses from Alcon

Alcon also offers the perpect contact lenses for people with presbyopia. The Multiocal lenses of Alcon helps you to correct your strength from close distance and far distances in an easy and very comfortable way. These lenses come in a very wide range, making it almost possible for almost everyone to find a suitable contactlens

Hydrated eyes all-day long!

Whether you need multifocal lenses, toric lenses, or spherical lenses. When you order the lenses from the famous brand Alcon on 123Optic.com you are assured of the best quality lenses for the best price! The lenses of this fantastic brand Alcon also ensure that you have hydrated and fresh eyes all day long! So do not wait any longer and order your favorite contact lenses from Alcon at 123Optic.com

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