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The all-in-one lens solutions from AOSept clean your lenses thoroughly. The lens solutions are preservative free and therefore ideal for people with sensitive eyes.


The cleaning fluids of AOSept consists of 3% hydrogen peroxide. Never use the lens solution as eye drop! Always read the package leaflet before use!

Lens solution

The manufacturer Ciba Vision has combined a hydrogen peroxide solution with a HydraGlyde technology for a perfect lens solution. The lenses from AOSept clean and maintain your lenses and retain moisture for hydrated eyes. Enjoy your lenses all day long.

The hydrogen peroxide solution

The Hydrogen peroxide solution contains no preservatives and is ideal for people who suffer from sensitive eyes. The technology removes protein deposits on the lens, so you can always enjoy the sharpest view. After using the lens solution, your lenses are perfectly cleaned and you can put them in without any extra handling.

Order AOSept lens solution online!

The lens solution for sensitive eyes is available at 123Optic. You can order the lens solution easy and fast. 123Optic is one of the largest suppliers of contact lenses and lens solutions. View our extensive range and discover it by yourself.

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