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Biofinity contact lenses from manufacturer CooperVision are made of high quality material and have a very comfortable wearing comfort. The lenses are made of Silicone Hydrogel material, allowing the lenses to let a lot of oxygen through. The lenses should be replaced every month to maintain the best vision and health of your eyes. This way you can continue wear your Biofinity monthly lenses undisturbed.

Toric lenses

The contact lenses from Biofinity are also suitable for lens wearers with astigmatism. The toric contact lenses from Biofinity offer hygiene and wearing comfort for people who suffer from astigmatism or a cylindrical abnormality. The special design ensures that the lens stays stable throughout the day.

Optimal wearing comfort with Biofinity

The Biofinity lenses are known for their high quality. The monthly lenses have an above average water content, so your eyes remain hydrated. Desiccation is limited and you can wear the lenses undisturbed all day long. They are available in different strengths. They are also suitable for those who suffer from astigmatism. Thanks to the design of the lens, the lens stays steady on your eye throughout the day.

Special lens design

The lens is designed so that you can wear it continuously for 30 days. You can keep the lenses on day and night and at the same time experience optimal wearing comfort. The lenses are designed so that they do not lead to irritations or infections. The contact lens is so comfortable that you hardly notice that you are wearing it.

Ordering Biofinity lenses

Order the Biofinity lenses easily online at 123Optic. Because there are multiple lenses in an box you take advantage of additional benefits. At 123Optic you are assured of the best quality for a good price.

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