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You are ensured of a sharp and perfect comfort with the BioTrue daily lenses or lens solutions. The contact lenses of BioTrue are very comfortable lenses that you can trow away at the end of the day!

Every day you are ensured of sterile lenses, This makes the lenses perfect for people who wuffer from dry eyes. The lens solution from BioTrue helps you to clean, disinfect, rins and store your lenses.

BIO lenses

The BioTrue daily lenses are the first Bio-inspired contact lenses. These lenses are made from a bio-inspired material called HyperGel. This material imitates the anti-drying effect of natural tears. The lenses ensures you of a high moisture content of the eye. The lenses are also provided with UV block to protect the eyes from UV rays from the sun. Be aware: This is not a replacement for the sunglasses.

BIO lens solution

The Bio-True lens solution provides, cleans, removes protein deposits, disinfects amd rinses the soft contact lenses. The lens solution keeps the eyes healthy applying by bio-inspired innovations The lens solution will keep the tear proteins active, it contains a natural humidifier on the eye and imitates the pH.

BIO Eye drops

The Bio-True eye drops can also offer a solution for those without lenses. BioTrue moisturizing eye drops relieve sensitive and burning eyes. Even people who do not wear lenses, may suffer from dry eyes. The eye drops of BioTrue offer a solution! They immediately illuminate sensitive and burning eyes and provides you of a perfect comfort during the day!

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