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Blink eye drops offer the perfect care for the eyes. The eye drops reduce irritations, dry eyes and red eyes and provide the eyes with optimum hydration. The eye drops are produced by producer AMO.

Eye drops from Blink offer direct relief and hydration. After a long day of working behind a computer, in a dry room, on an airplane or a long drive, the eyes can be tired and feel dry. The weather can also cause dry eyes. Eye drops instantly moisturize the eyes and provide immediate relief for fresh and healthy eyes. The small, handy bottles can be taken everywhere. That way you will never again have dry, tired eyes.

Blink Contacts eye drops provide direct hydration and natural moisturizing of the eyes. Eye drops can be used by both lens wearers and people who do not wear lenses.

How do eye drops work?

Eye drops work quite simply. If you notice that you are suffering from dry or tired eyes, drop 1 or 2 drops in the eyes. Then blink a few times so that the drops can do their job well. Experience the comfort of the eye drops immediately. You do not have to take the lenses off when you want to use the eye drops. Use the eye drops when needed. If you experience discomfort in the eyes for a longer period of time, we recommend that you contact an eye specialist.

Blink products

Blink is mainly known for the popular eye drops. Blink Intensive Tears, Blink Contacts and Blink-N-Clean are all part of the range.

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