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The monthly lenses from ClearVision go perfectly with the high quality lens solution from ClearVision. These solution not only cleans your lenses thoroughly, but also provides and maintains the lenses. So you have extra long enjoyment of clean and super comfortable lenses!

ClearVision contact lenses

Thanks to the value for money, ClearVision contact lenses are ideal for those who want to try out lenses. But they are also suitable for experienced contact lens users. With the daily lenses you can easily alternate with glasses.

All day hydrated eyes

For those who suffer from dry eyes, ClearVision has the Oxygen variant. The new material ensures high oxygen permeability for fresh and healthy eyes. The ClearVision Hydragold goes a step further. These daily lenses are very oxygen permeable and provide hydrated eyes all day long. The Fusion technology with which the contact lenses are provided prevents friction and attracts a lot of water. Never suffer from dry eyes.

Order ClearVision online

The lenses of ClearVision can be easily ordered online at 123Optic. At 123Optic we offer the best service and the best prices.

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