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The EasySept lens solution from the well known manufacturer Bausch & Lomb are specially developed to clean your lenses in a simple way. The fluid is ideal for those with sensitive eyes or for those allergic to preservatives and looking for the highest degree of disinfection. Please take note: never apply the EasySept lens solution directly to your eyes!

EasySept lens solution

With EasySept lens solution you can easily and quickly clean your lenses perfectly. The liquid ensures that you can wear your lenses with pleasure and comfort. The 1-phase peroxide system removes dirt and protein residues, but is gentle on your eyes. The 3% hydrogen peroxide liquid acts as a disinfectant and guarantees perfect cleaned lenses after six hours of soaking. The product saves a lot of time and effort.

For the best result and perfect vision, you store the lenses in the lens holder for at least 6 hours at night. This way you can safely put in your lenses every morning. The liquid is good to use with soft weekly, two week and monthly lenses.

Advantages EasySept lens solution

  • One bottle
  • Effectively remove dirt and protein residues
  • Contains no preservatives

Please take note! Always read the instructions for use before you are gonna use the EasySept lens solution.

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