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Freshlook lenses are color contact lenses produced by Alcon. The color lenses correct your eyes and they also change or enhance your natural eye color. Freshlook has a matching color for every eye color. The coloured lenses are available in daily and monthly lenses with or without strength. The Freshlook lenses are available in daily lenses and monthly lenses.

Freshlook coler lenses

With the color lenses of Freshlook you can change your eye color. The Freshlook range of products consists the Freshlook Dimensions and Freshlook Colorblends.

Freshlook Dimensions

These color lenses are suitable for those who already have a lighter eye color by nature. Freshlook Dimensions color lenses feature a colored limbal ring that gives your eyes just more depth . The lenses are monthly lenses and therefore have to be cleaned every night, to be used again the next day. The Freshlook Dimensions are available in three Colors without strength: caribbean aqua, pacific blue and sea green.

Freshlook Colorblends

This variant color lens is designed to change a naturally dark eye color. The Freshlook Colorblends lenses have three color layers and a darker ring around the iris that strengthens your eye color and gives an attractive color. The lenses are monthly contact lenses that you can order with strength. With 12 Colors you can choose from, you always have a color that suits you! Please note: We can not guarantee that your eye color is the same as the color on the illustrations, because this is highly dependent on your own eye color.

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