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Menicon offers a wide range of contact lenses, such as daily lenses, weekly lenses, monthly lenses. They offer also a various type of lens solutions. The lens solution goes not only well with contact lenses of Menicon, but can also be combined with other brands of contact lenses. However, always ask advice from your optician when you switch to another lens solution.

Menicon offers a variety of contact lenses. Whether you are farsighted or nearsighted of have a toric abnormality, Menicon has a suitable and comfortable contact lens.

The company

At Menicon they contribute to daily living by providing superior visual correction! Since Menicon developed the first rigid contact lens in Japan, Menicon has spearheaded the industry of contact lenses. They are know of their safe development, high- quality products, and innovative technology.

Greetings from Japan

In terms of eyes care, it can be said that Japan is a frontrunner. The daily lenses are discoverd in Japan. Daily lenses are relatively worn in countries where hygiene plays an important role. Whit the daily lenses dirt and proteins can not attach on the lens, so complications can easily be prevented. MiRu, the name of the daily lenses is a Japanese word and means 'To See'.

Extra thin design

The MiRu contact lenses are extra thin and therefore very comfortable. Despite of the thin design, they are very strudy and stable. They are easy to handle and are devoleped to prevent the tearing of lenses. The packaging of the MiRu contact lenses can be called revolutionary. This one is paper thin. As soon as you open the package, the contact lens gets in original shap and is easy to place on the eye.

The Menicon lens solution

The Menicon all-in-one- lens solution is used in combination with the soft monthly lenses. You can use the lens solution for daily cleaning, disinfecting, maintaining and rinsing your contact lenses. The Menicare lens solution is the ideal solution for all types of lenses. This lens solution cleans your lenses hygienically, so you can enjoy some fresh eyes every day!

The best eye care!

Is only the best eye care good enough for you? Then choose the Menicon products. The producer of Menicon always has innovative ideas, where comfort and the best eye care are a high priority.

Menicon does not only have products for soft lenses, but also for hard contact lenses. Do you want to be assured of not only the best eye care but also the best service and price? Then order the Menicon contact lenses and lens solution at 123Optic.com

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