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With CooperVision MyDay you get the ideal daily lens. These daily lenses from CooperVision are for everyone who places great value on comfort and hygiene. Because you start each day with a new and sterile pair of lenses, the chance of eye irritation and accumulation of protein deposits is minimal. This way you can enjoy carefree vision without having to realize that you wear contact lenses.

You get quickly used to MyDay contact lenses

Even if you have not worn contact lenses before, these contact lenses from CooperVision are ideal. The daily lenses are experienced by many as very comfortable. Opticians therefore often recommend this daily lens as an entry model.

Daily disposable lens

The lenses of CooperVision MyDay are so comfortable that you will hardly notice you are wearing them. Thanks to the Smart Silicone technology, the lens offers optimal oxygen permeability and optimal long-lasting comfort. Because the special design of the lens, the eyes are able to retain moisture, so that your eyes are hydrated all day long.

Advantages of the CooperVision MyDay lenses

  • Equipped with latest Smart Silicone Technology
  • Special design that allow even more oxygen to pass through
  • All-day long hydrated eyes
  • Blocks uv radiation from the sun on the eye

Order MyDay contact lenses

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