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The Opti-Free lens solution from Alcon perfectly cleans your lenses for an extra comfort. It is the perfect choice for those who suffer quickly from dry and irritated eyes. The lens solution prevents irritated eyes through a thorough cleaning process. The liquid is fighting against irritated or dry eyes. This lens solution is suitable for all soft lenses.

The Opti-Free lens solution

The all-in-one lens solution from Opti-Free forms a thin layer around your contact lenses. This helps to prevent protein deposits and dirt from attachting to your lenses. The lens solution is especially developed to keep your lenses hyrdated all day long. The Express and PureMoist lens solutions are our bestsellers! Lets introduce these beauties!

The Opti-Free Express

The Opti- Free Express liquid is a "No Rub" lens solution that cleans, rinses, disinfects, moisturizes and stores your lenses. The lens solution also removes the protein deposits, bacteria and dirt that are found on the lens.

The Opti-Free PureMoist

This lens solution is fantastic. The liquid consists of a HydraGlyde Moisture Matrix. This provides a moist layer around the lens, so that your lenses feel comfortable and hydrated all day long! You can also store your lenses in the Opti-Fee PureMoist lens solution, the liquid cleans and disinfects your lenses. Due to the latest technology you have every hygienically cleaned lenses all day long! The lens solutions guarantees 16 hours of hydration.

Order one of the Opti-Free lens solutions !

The Opti-Free lens solutions offers the best solutions when you suffer from dry or irritated eyes. The lenses are developed with the best and newest technology. You are assured of hydrated eyes all day long!

You can order the Opti-Free lens solutions easily at 123Optic.com . 123Optic is one of the largest suppliers of eye care products. If you have any questions feel free to ask!

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