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The lens solution from Regard cleans your lenses thoroughly. This allows you to wear your contact lenses without worry. The lens solution gives your lenses an extra layer, so dirt, protein and grease deposits can not attach to the lens. So you can enjoy every day of fresh lenses and a sharp view.

Regard lens solution

Regard lens solution is always up-to-date with the latest developments. It is the first preservative free all-in-one liquid on the market. The liquid is therefore ideal for wearers with sensitive eyes.


The regard lens solution offers you a high disinfection level that is safe for your eyes. Regard is even so safe that you can put it directly into you eyes without any problems. The build-up of protein on your lens is prevented by a unique formula. Because of the anti- allergic agent in the liquid, your lenses are thoroughly cleaned without irritating your eyes.

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The lens solution remains good for up to 90 days after opening. The all-in-one lens solution from Regard can be found at 123Optic. We offer you also some big packs with a really good price. Next to lens solutions we also offer contact lenses Take a quick look at our extensive range and order today!

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