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ReNu is an all-in-one eyeglass from Bausch & Lomb and has been specially developed for sensitive eyes.

This liquid cleans your lenses and takes cares of them and provides you of a protective layer.This special layers protects your contact lenses against protein, grease and dirt deposits. With this lens solution your lenses will not only feel cleaner they will also feel more comfortable.

ReNu Lens solution

ReNu is a mild, original formula. The ReNu lens solution clean, disinfects and stores the lenses, so you are assured of clean lenses every morning. After soaking the lenses in the liquid, the lenses are free from protein deposits and other irregularities.

The advantages of ReNu lens solution

The ReNu lens solution has a number of advantages :

  • Mild treatment, Suitable for carriers with sensitive eyes, Cleans, rinses, disinfects and removes imperfections, Safely stores lenses up to 30 days

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