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The SofLens contact lenses are developed by the well known manufacturers Bausch & Lomb. Bausch & Lomb produces toric, multifocal, colored, daily and monthly lenses for SofLens. With these contact lenses you are ensured of a high wearing comfort and a sharp vision.

Especially designed

The SofLens contact lenses are extremely suitable for wearers who suffer from sensitive eyes. The lenses are developed with the oxygen-permeable material, so your eyes stay hydrated all day long. You can wear the lenses all day without any irritation.

Take your time

The contact lenses as an entry model. So if this is your first time that you choose for lenses, then the SofLens lenses are very suitable. The lenses have a short habituation time.

Extensive range

The daily lenses from SofLens offer a high level of comfort throughout the day. The lenses are thin and equipped with ComfortMoist technology. The daily lenses are easy to use because you don't have to clean them.

The Monthly lenses from SofLens also offer a very high level of comfort. You can wear the lenses for 30 consecutive days. The protein-resistant lens surface prevents you of a dirty lens. If you choose the right lens solution, you can enjoy very clean lenses every day and morning again. You are ensured of a sharp view.

The SofLens lenses are also available as colored monthly lenses. The color lenses are perfect to make the color of your eyes more intense. The colored monthly lenses are available in 10 different colors. You can order these lenses with or without correction.

Order SofLens online

123Optic offers you the wide range of products of SofLens eye care and contact lenses. The contact lenses from the famous lens developers Bausch& Lomb are very affordable and easy to order at 123Optic.

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