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Ultra contact lenses are produced by the well-known manufacturer Bausch & Lomb. Bausch & Lomb is one of the largest and best-known lens manufacturers. Millions of people wear lenses every day. They focus on developing high-quality products. They always come up with new techniques and use the best materials for their lenses.

The Ultra contact lenses are made to be as comfortable as possible. They achieve this by using silicone hydrogel material and special technologies. The material has a high oxygen permeability, that’s why the eyes will not dry out. Thanks to the MoistureSeal Technology, the lenses have a low modulus. Ultra lenses have a water-retaining polymer, which makes the lenses extremely moisturized.

The lenses are designed for people who regularly look at digital devices for a long time. This can cause dry eyes. 90% of people who wear Ultra contact lenses with MoistureSeal® Technology say they do not have dry eyes anymore since the day they started wearing the Ultra contact lenses.

Types of Ultra lenses

The Ultra lenses are available for various eye disorders. They have spherical Ultra lenses, but also Ultra for Presbyopia and Ultra for Astigmatism. The spherical, toric and multifocal monthly lenses ensure optimum wearing comfort.

Buy cheap Ultra lenses

Ultra lenses are perfect for people with a challenging lifestyle and for people who looking at screens for a long time. They offer optimum wearing comfort for dry eyes. On our website, you will find a wide range of cheap Ultra lenses. Order from 123Optic for the best eye care and service at the best price and the products will be delivered to your home.

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