EasySept 6 months

EasySept 6 months 5x360ml + 1x355ml

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The EasySept 6 months benefit package is a lens solution that is a soft for your lenses and hard for bacteria. With this benefit package you can clean and care for your lenses for half a year. The lens solution is suitable for all soft lenses. It is the ideal solution for lens wearers who are allergic to preservatives and are looking for disinfection.

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One-phase hydrogen peroxide treatment system

EasySept lens solution cleans your lenses based on hydrogen peroxide care fluid. The 3% hydrogen peroxide liquid is a disinfectant and guarantees perfect cleaning after six hours of soaking. Safe to use with soft weekly or monthly lenses.

Most important features

The EasySept lens solution disinfects and neutralises your contact lenses at once. Moreover, it works effectively against all important micro-organisms in the eye and is free of preservatives. This is very suitable for people who get an allergic reaction with other lens solutions. This liquid also ensures that the build up of protein deposits is thoroughly and easily removed.

Order EasySept lens solution

This liquid also ensures that the build up of protein deposits is thoroughly and easily removed. EasySept lens solution is easy to order online at the largest online supplier of contact lenses and lens solutions 123Optic. Experience the best service and price at 123Optic. It is recommended to consult your optician before you purchase new lens solution. It differs from eye to eye and contact lens how it reacts to a certain lens solution. The right lens solution therefore gives optimum wearing comfort. Follow the advice of your optician.

Producer :Bausch & Lomb
Type of solution :Peroxide-system
Solution for :Soft lenses
Reviews:5rating10 reviewsPost a review

Supergoed geholpen, heel korte wachttijd, heel attente medewerker die vlot en doeltreffend met mijn vraag aan de slag gaat.


This honestly is the best lens solution I've ever tried! 123Optic offers the lens solution for such a good price!


Al jaren gebruik ik deze lenzenvloeistof EasySept.


Fijne lenzenvloeistof. Ik merk echt een groot verschil dan wanneer ik een goedkope prut vloeistof gebruik.


This solution really cleanses my lenses!


Prima lenzenvloeistof.


I've got a good feeling since I start using this product


Heb de easysept lenzenvloeistof nog nergens goedkoper kunnen vinden!


Fijne lenzenvloeistof, maakt supergoed schoon!


heb bausch & lomb zachte lenzen dus deze past er goed bij en mooie verpakking ook nog haha

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