Aosept Plus 3 month

Aosept Plus 3 month 3x360ml + 1x90ml

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AOSEPT® PLUS is preservative free and ideal for people who experience lens irritation and sensitivity with other solutions.
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  • A preservative free one-step, hydrogen peroxide solution for all contact lenses, with an added cleaner for clearer vision and superiorcomfort
  • Once neutralised, AOSEPT PLUS® is pH 6.8, close to natural tear film
  • AOSEPT PLUS® actively cleans, disinfects and removes surface protein


  • Fill case with solution and place lenses in the basket
  • Secure the basket holder and the case and soak lenses for at least 6 hours
  • Do not allow un-neutralised solution to come into direct contact with the eye (see instruction leaflet for full details)

Active ingredients:
3% Hydrogen Peroxide, Pluronic 17R4,
Platinum coated disc (AODISC)

Discard life:
3 months after opening

Producer :Alcon
Type of solution :Peroxide-system
Shelf Life :6 Months
Preservative :No
Solution for :Soft lenses, Hard lenses
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