Aosept Plus HydraGlyde 6 months

Aosept Plus HydraGlyde 6 months 5x360ml

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AOSEPT Plus Hydraglyde is a powerful lens solution that removes protein deposits and other dirt from the contact lenses. Put the contact lenses in this lens solution and your lenses will be perfectly clean afterwards. This product is especially suitable for people with sensitive eyes.

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Advantages of AOsept Plus HydraGlyde












  • Without preservatives











    AOsept Plus HydraGlyde

    AOSEPT Plus HydraGlyde is developed with a unique triple cleaning formula to ensure a powerful and deep cleaning of the contact lenses. The lens solution ensures the lenses contain more moisture for a long-term. This results in a long-term wearing comfort.

    Clean lenses and comfortable eyes

    AOSEPT Plus Hydraglyde removes protein deposits from your contact lenses. Therefore you can enjoy a perfect sharp vision everyday. The triple cleaning and the HydraGlyde Moisture Matrix make sure you have fresh and clean eyes day-to-day. The unique lens solution doesn’t contain preservatives and is therefore perfectly suitable for people with sensitive eyes.

    Maintain lenses in lens solution

    Week lenses and month lenses need to be taken off before going to bed. Put them in a clean lens case and make sure you immerse the lenses completely in lens solution. After one night the lenses are clean and ready to be worn again!

    Order AOsept Plus HydraGlyde online

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    • Suitable for sensitive eyes
    • Retains moisture for optimal wearing comfort
    • Thorough cleaning of the lenses
    Producer :Alcon
    Type of solution :Peroxide-system
    Shelf Life :6 Months
    Preservative :No
    Solution for :Soft lenses, Hard lenses
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    Recommended product + service, thx 123Optic




    Goede lenzenvloeistof. Reinigt diep naar mijn idee. Heb nooit aanslag op mijn lenzen sinds ik dit spul gebruik.


    Very affordable lens solution, lasts for such a long time. Great service


    Good product


    Erg fijn dat 123Optic dit pakket aanbiedt. Ik doe er inderdaad 6 maanden mee. Dus maar 2x per jaar bestellen. Appeltje eitje.

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