Biotrue 6 months

Biotrue 6 months 3x300ml

The Biotrue lens solution from the famous manufacturer Bausch & Lomb is specially developed for all types of soft silicone hydrogel lenses. The solution is made with a natural humidifier. When you choose to buy this big pack you have got enough lens solution at home for 6 months!

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The Biotrue lens solution is an all-in-one lens solution developed by Bausch & Lomb. The liquid ensures an optimal cleaning, storage and hydration of soft silicone hydrogel lenses. Due to the natural, the lens solution has the same working as your own tears. The lens solution keeps your eyes hydrated, healthy and fit.

The Biotrue lens solution

Bausch & Lomb has developed this lens solution for optimal cleaning, storage and hydration of silicone hydrogel lenses. Biotrue lens solution ensures that you can keep your eyes healthy and fit.

Natural humidifier

The Biotrue lens solution is inspired by the natural structure of your eyes. The lens solution an optimum wearing comfort. The PH value of the liquid is the same as your own tear fluid. The lens solution makes sure your eyes keep hydrated up for 20 hours. The lens solution also consists of Biotrue Multi-Purpose which removes dirt and proteins on the lens.

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Material :hyaluronan
Producer :Bausch + Lomb
Type of solution :Multi-Purpose Solution
Solution for :Soft lenses
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