Renu MultiPlus Solution 6 month

Renu MultiPlus Solution 6 month 3x360ml + 60ml

The ReNu MultiPlus Solution is an all-in-one lens solution from Bausch & Lomb. This lens solution cleans, rinses, disinfects, removes protein and preserves soft contact lenses.

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Three strong forces

The Renu MultiPlus Solution 6 months (3x360ml + 60ml) has three powers: excellent disinfection, fresh lens comfort and prover compabilities. The lens solution makes sure that your lenses and eyes keep hydrated during the day. This helps to removes protein deposits and other dirt on the lens during cleaning. You are assured of a excellent comfort during the day. In addition to other lens solution this liquid contains cleaning and humidifying components for safe disinfection of the lens. You can wear these lens for up to 30 days. The Renu MultiPlus Solution 1 month (1x360ml) is ideal for perfectly clean and hygienic lenses so that you have a sharp view every day.

Ask a specialist for advise

A lens solution must match your eyes. A liquid is a personal product and for everybody different. Each eye responds differently to a lens solution. We therefore recommend some advise from your optician or eye specialist.

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Producer :Bausch + Lomb
Type of solution :Multi-Purpose Solution
Solution for :Soft lenses
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